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Meeting Summary: D3 Kickoff Meeting

March 1, 2017
The Gathering Spot

Wednesday evening, March 1st, Councilmember Ivory Young and the City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) – Office of Zoning and Development welcomed the public to the D3: Westside Revive project kickoff meeting. Despite severe thunderstorm warnings and rush hour traffic, a crowd of 72 neighbors, business owners, and stakeholders came out to The Gathering Spot in West Midtown to learn about this ambitious district-wide planning project, to meet the planning team, and to voice their concerns and dreams for their communities.

After guests had ample time to enjoy the reception and greet each other, the presentation began with remarks from Council member Young. As he welcomed the neighborhoods across District 3, residents started calling out “here,”—an impromptu roll call that testified to the range and enthusiasm of constituents represented at the meeting.

Young spoke about how District 3 has changed in his own lifetime. “Those of us who were raised in these communities, we remember what Simpson Road was like, what those corner stores were like. You didn’t have to go far to get the services you needed.”

He described the need for a vision that addresses rapid growth and disparities across District 3, from residential communities that have never had master plans to heavily planned areas like Vine City and English Avenue. Still other neighborhoods like Castleberry Hill, Home Park, and Knight Station have master plans that need to be updated and strengthened to reflect new opportunities and challenges. D3: Westside Revive is the first plan of its kind in Atlanta, a master plan for that looks at a council district as a whole.

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D3 Kickoff  Presentation Meeting Presentation 

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